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morgan blue

Morgan Blue Dry Wax Chain Lube

Morgan Blue Dry Wax Chain Lube

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Description - Professional lubricant for bikes based on wax, enriched with a friction modifier, which forms a thin, flexible lubricating coating. Once applied, the liquid penetrates into the inner side of the chain. The wax leaves a lubricating coating which repels dirt. Wax products contain less lubricating properties than oils (like Extra Dry Lube), therefore it has to be re-applied regularly.

Application - Use Dry Wax on the chain and let it dry long enough.

Dry Wax protects the chain against water and dirt. For a good maintenance repeat the treatment sufficient. For mountain bike use. Don’t use Dry Wax at freezing temperatures.

Properties And Advantages - Lubricated parts remain clean for a longer period, chain doesn’t get black. Repels dirt. Biodegradable.

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